I purchased this book thinking it would be about what the title builds it up to be- a book with information on what a runner’s diet should consist of. To my disappointment, the book is actually about weight loss. A better title for the book would be: “Start running to lose weight”.

I got the impression that the book was written from a weight loss and dieting perspective rather than from a runners point of view. The overall theme of the book is the simple formula of calories in versus calories out which is nothing new. There are also case studies included which are boring and all pretty much the same.

If you are overweight and looking for a dieting method to lose weight, perhaps you can find some value in this book. This book is not for the intermediate or advanced runner looking to learn more about healthy food choices for performance.

There were a few instances where the authors lack of running knowledge was evident. In one part of the book, we are told that hyponatremia (salt loss due to drinking too much water) is only an issue for elite athletes. This is entirely false- most cases of hyponatremia in marathon events are the back-of-the-pack runners that are out on the course for hours after the elite athletes finish. They are out on the course longer and have to drink larger quantities of water, often in warmer conditions.

The diet that the book prescribes is one that limits carbohydrates. While this may be ok for the runner that runs only small distances, nearly every runner is always seeking improvement- running longer distances at faster speeds requires more carbohydrates. When training for a marathon, you get to a point where you are losing weight no matter what you eat.

Overall, I would not recommend this book for runners. It may have some value for the overweight individual that is always switching from fad diet to fad diet. There are much better  resources about nutrition out there for real runners.