Marathon Tapering Guide

In this marathon tapering guide I’m going to try and provide you with everything you need to know to prepare you for your next marathon. I hope that this will help first time marathon runners whilst acting as a reference for those that are more experienced. There are many questions surrounding the marathon taper. Why should I taper? How long should I taper? Do I completely or partially rest? Is cross training a viable option to maintain fitness? Hopefully all

The Runner’s Diet

I purchased this book thinking it would be about what the title builds it up to be- a book with information on what a runner’s diet should consist of. To my disappointment, the book is actually about weight loss. A better title for the book would be: “Start running to lose weight”. I got the impression that the book was written from a weight loss and dieting perspective rather than from a runners point of view. The overall theme of

going Barefoot

Avoiding Barefoot Running Injuries

A few years back, the argument against barefoot running was that there was simply no concrete evidence that barefoot running is good. Since recent research by Daniel Liberman and other evolutionary biologists, it’s becoming clearer that humans are evolved to run. There will probably be a lot more research in the coming years. The fact is that there has never been a single study that has shown that running shoes have any positive impact on reducing injury rates. Since there is