Junk Miles

Junk miles are a frequently discussed, and often debated concept in running publications and communities. There are valid points on both side of the argument which can make it difficult to know where they fit into your training. There is one slight problem. If you search “junk miles” in Google and look at just the first page of results, nearly each website will have a different definition and idea of what junk miles are. How can there possibly be a

Motivation For Runners

There are many reasons why runners go through temporary periods of low motivation. Whatever the reason may be, there are many ways to overcome this mindset and get back into your training. Obviously if you are reading this article, you have a desire to motivate yourself so you are already ahead of most runners suffering this problem. There are many suggestions in this article on how to become motivated again. Start off slowly and don’t try to implement these all

11 Ways to Make Running Fun

1. Embrace Your DNA A common suggestion to solve low motivation in the running world is to simply enter a race. By signing up to a race all your problems will be solved. While this is extremely effective for some, it’s just simply a bad idea for others. Embrace your DNA. You can ask yourself every question you can think about in regards to your personality, but it comes down to one very simple question. Do you like running to train?

Running In The Morning

There are many good reasons to start running in the morning. You can listen to as many different opinions as you want: “running in the morning makes you run faster”, “running in the morning burns more fat”, “running in the morning is more natural”; but the only reason you should start running in the morning is because you find it fun. Morning runners often say how much more they enjoy their training, while afternoon runners say they attempted it once or twice and found